Wheel Service Repair

Premier Wheels Direct is your local, one stop shop for professional wheel services and rim repairs in Scarborough, ON and Brantford, ON. Our team can help you get better performance, more style, and longer life out of your original or custom wheels.

Our many wheel services include:

  • Wheel repair
  • Powder coating
  • Caliper Paint
  • Hub Painting
  • Lock Nut Removal

We also perform computerized wheel balancing and provide wheel installation services.

Don’t let bent rims and curb rash keep you down. Our wheel repair service will save you the money that you would have spent on a new replacement wheel. Our professionals will remove rust, cover scratches and nicks, repair rims, and virtually remove signs of curb rash.


  • Saves money
  • Returns wheel to like-new condition
  • Helps you get more value out of your wheel

Contact us to schedule your wheel repair service.

Powder Coating

Powder Coating is a type of dry powder coating applied to a surface. Compared to conventional paint, powder coating is applied and cured under intense heat to create a hard finish that is tougher than ordinary paint.


  • Environmentally friendly as well as energy and material efficient.
  • Powder coatings can produce much thicker coats than conventional liquid coatings.
  • The electrostatic powder process ensures complete coverage, even on complex shapes
  • A beautiful and uniform quality finish without paint runs.
  • Exceptional gloss and color retention.

Make an appointment with our team today. It’s never been more affordable to increase the life span and look of your wheels.

Caliper Painting

Nothing ruins the appearance of a sharp set of wheels like dirty, corroded calipers lurking from behind. Dress up your steel or aluminum calipers with a super-tough durable finish that makes your car or truck look terrific.

Customize your brake callipers with high quality, long lasting calliper paint. Caliper paint is a durable, protective coating that is resistant to brake dust, chipping, cracking, fading and rust. It’s also resistant up to 900°F (482°C) and harsh weather conditions.

Premier Wheels Direct uses a multi-layer coating system that includes prep, primer and paint. We carry a variety of colors and a unique matte coating finish with a silicone ceramic base. It’s spray-on characteristics allow for a uniform coat. We provide a two year warranty on the finish.


  • $120 flat fee, or purchase a wheel and tire package and get this service performed at a special price of $100.
  • Conditions of special pricing is that work must be performed at time of wheel/tire package purchase.
  • Work time of 1½ hours
  • Appointments are encouraged

Contact us when you’re ready to upgrade the complete appearance of your vehicle.

Caliper Painting

We provide hub painting services for $40.

Lock Nut Removal

If you lost your wheel lock key, contact our team for assistance. We have a lock nut removal service to help you out.

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